Hvar erum við

Hvar erum við

Smelltu á myndina til að sjá kort


The tourist service in Fossnses offers accomodation in a large farmhouse and two 10 m2 guesthouses, with a hot tub in the garden.

A fishing license for the river Þjórsá can be bought in Fossnes. The river runs past the farm and where you can fish for both Salmon and Trout.

The Mutton Hut offers smoked mutton and fresh lamb meat.


The Mutton Hut

The Mutton Hut produces smoked mutton meat and other delicacies from the smokehouse. The Mutton are 18 month old sheep that have been fed for one winter and the males have been castrated.  This gives the Mutton meat a fuller flavour in comparison to a lamb and is considered a delicassy. As well as smoking meat from Fossnes, you can also bring your own meat or fish for us to smoke for you.

The Mutton Hut offers:

Double smoked Mutton leg (raw). Price: 3.300 kr/kg

Smoked shoulder, breast and shanks. Price 2.000 kr/kg

Shoulder, breast and shank pieces and rolls. Price: 2.500 kr/kg

Double smoked Mutton rack (raw). Price: 6.500 kr/kg, sold in ca. 200 gr packages

Send us an order through the website here, or call +354-486-6079 or +354-895-8079



There are few good horses on the farm.  You can book  1-3 hour ride. There is a good stable for the horses and the option to keep your foal(s) at the farm until they are ready to be trained.

On the top floor of the farmhouse is a fully furnished apartment that can be rented, and if you want to bring your horses along they can stay in the stables in the winter or out in the field in the summer. Great riding trails are available, and it is only a short distance to some mountain huts and to Þjórsárdalur valley.

Horse riding groups can come and stay. The cost per horse is 380 kr/night.


Hiking trails

A jeep trail is from the farm inland to the waterfall Sneplafoss and a fantastic hike is along the river Þjórsá to the same waterfall. In the river there are many waterfalls, both small and large. There are three canyons in around the river; Bæjargljúfur amd Stöðlagljúfur are the closest to the farm and Svartaglúfur about 3 km inland.

Trees, birch, pines and larch, have been planted in Fossnes since 1993 and some of the trees are now around 3-4 meters tall.

Sandy areas as well as eroded earth have been systematically healed successfully to build up grass since 1992.



In the river Þverá a fishing license can be bought for 1-2 fishing rods. In the river it is possible to fish trout and artic charr as well as salmon later in the summer. The fishing areas are about 1 km from the river Þjórsá to the waterfall in the Bæjargljúfur canyon, but the fish can‘t go further up the river because of the waterfall. There are some nice deep waters in the river and the canyon is spectacularl with the waterfall and varied flora.

The fishing period is from beginning of June to end of September.


½ day from 8:00 to 14:00. Price 3.000 kr/rod

½ day from 14:00 – 20:00. Price 3.000 kr/rod

Whole day from 8:00 – 20:00. Price 6.000 kr/rod

Send us a question through our webpage here, or call +354-486-6079 or +354-895-8079



On the top floor of the farmhouse there is an apartment that can sleep 8-10 people with a bathroom and a shower.

On the midfloor there is a big kitchen that seats 20 people for dinner. There is also a TV, a seating lounge bathroom with shower and two bedrooms.

In the basement there are two rooms, 3-4 person each and a bathroom with a shower.

Outside there are two 10 m2 guesthouses for two person each. Bathroom and shower in the basement are for those houses. In the garden is a nice hot tub that rooms 8-10 people.


June 1st – September 30th:

A made-up bed: Price 7.000 kr/nigth

Sleeping bag: 5.000 kr/night

October 1st – May 31st:

A made-up bed: Price 6.000 kr/nigth

Sleeping bag: 4.000 kr/night

Children under 12 year old. Price: 2.500 kr/night

Free for children 0-4 year old.

For each horse overnight is 450 kr/night

It is possible to get either a made-up bed or a sleeping bag accomodation. Groups can cook for themselves, or breakfast can also be served as well as dinner according, if you would like us to cook for you, please give us notice so we can prepare.Please send is request through our webpage here, or call +354-486-6079 or +354-895-8079




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